Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to take a class?

$50 per person for regularly scheduled classes ($35 if no room rental is needed, 10 person minimum)

Classes of 10 or fewer are charged a flat fee of a 10-person class. If a room must be rented, the rental rate will be passed on to your group. We offer scheduled classes at different sites around Nashville; visit the class page for the calendar.


Where are classes held?

Classes can be held at your conference site or in a meeting room at your hotel. Our instructors will come to you! If you do not have a dedicated space, we will work with our local partners to find a space that works for your group. If you prefer to reserve the space, we request there is access to electricity and running water.


What can I expect during a class?

Most of our classes are 1.5-2 hours long. This includes approximately 30 minutes of guided instruction from our teachers, 30 minutes of actual making, and 30 minutes for Q&A/label creation. For example, if you are taking the body scrub class, the teacher will explain the different ingredients that can be used to make up each scrub. You’ll see and touch different grains of salt to find one that you like, you’ll hear about which oil to include to match your skin type, and you’ll smell a variety of essential oils to create a custom blended scent for your scrub. The next 30 minutes will involve picking your ingredients and actually making your scrub. After that is a short Q&A session where you can ask questions, create your product labels, and enjoy a glass of wine.


You mentioned wine. I like wine. Will you be serving wine?

We cannot serve wine, but all classes are BYOB. Many of our classes are held at the Bavarian Brewhouse in Opry Mills. Guests are encouraged to order food and beverages to enjoy before, during, and after our classes there.


Can my child participate?

Our regularly-scheduled classes are geared toward adults, and alcohol may be present. For this reason, we ask that you leave your children at home for these classes. However, we would love to schedule a class tailored to your kiddos! If your group is interested in a make-and-take class just for the littles, our teachers can accommodate you. We hear that moms and dads like handmade gifts.


I have skin sensitivities or allergies. Can I participate?

Absolutely! Any of our classes can be nut-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free upon request (most already are). If you have other known skin allergies or sensitivities, please contact us before your class so our instructors can accommodate you.


 I have fragrance sensitivities. Can I participate?

In all of our classes you’ll be using only 100% pure plant-based essential oils to scent your products. If you are allergic or sensitive to a particular essential oil, please contact us before your class so our instructors can accommodate you.